Which Heated Rollers Should I Buy?

  • 15th March 2017
Which Heated Rollers Should I Buy

When choosing a styling tool, the last thing you want to do is settle for the second best option. Heated rollers may seem simple to buy, but in reality, it takes a lot to find the right match. So how do you go about figuring out which is the best? Which heated rollers should I buy? We talk about a few key things to look for before you order for your rollers.

The Right Size​

The size you choose should depend on the style you want to achieve and the length of your hair. Obviously, the longer your hair, the bigger your roller needs to be. If you’re ordering online and not sure of the right size to go for, consider buying multiple assorted sizes. Another option is to buy spongy rollers, which only require you to apply normal tension to tightly wrap the hair as needed (but in that case you need to make sure your hair does not have any major issues).

Types of Heated Rollers​

There are two main types of rollers available out there in the world; ribbed and flock. Ribbed ones offer you a traditional approach because they can be slipped in and out of the hair. The flocked variety however is a modern version, and they have a way of giving your hair that extra smooth finish. Flocked hot rollers allow you to customize your style effortless – coming with an on/off switch for simplified use.

Heating Technology​

There are different ingrained heating technologies ingrained in various hot rollers. Basically, the heat is needed to ensure you achieve the right amount of curl for your hair. Here are different types of heating solutions and how they work.

Ceramic Rollers​

These contain a core that produces ions with infrared heat which locks your hair in a curl effectively eliminating any kind of frizzing. This roller can be extremely efficient in restoring damaged hair.

Wax Rollers​

This type of heating technology mainly relies on a built-in wax that is capable to holding heat for a long time. Therefore if you apply wax rollers, the curls come out stronger in most cases. You may want to go for this kind if your hair is particularly resistant to curls.

Sponge Rollers​

If your hair does not have any kind of problems i.e. it is not damaged and easily curls up, then sponge rollers would be your best bet. They use steam to heat up extremely fast, usually producing curls in a matter of minutes.

Bonus Features​

On average it is recommended to go for a unit that gets heated in under three minutes. Bonus features such as multi-element mineral powders, infrared rays and compactness are just but a few of the things worth looking out for.​

If you are wondering which heated rollers to buy, the two most important questions you need to ponder upon are:

  • Your hair type and length,
  • Your goals.

Combine your answers to those two questions with the tips we’ve given you above and you will be able to find just the right kind of hot rollers to acquire.