What Heated Rollers Should I Buy?

  • 29th March 2017
What Heated Rollers Should I Buy

Looking to create a voluminous, lively and sexy hairstyle? Heated rollers are a sure bet as far as that’s concerned. One thing that stands out about these styling tools is how they have come a long way since the days our mums used to rock them. There are different types of rollers, each one of them optimised for particular tasks. What heated rollers should I buy? You might be wondering. We talk about this and what factors you need to consider when scouting for a set of hot rollers.

Heated Velcro Rollers​

Photo shoots, film sets, red carpets and runway shows all have one thing in common (that’s of course besides the glamour of fashion) – the Velcro roller. Velcro heated rollers are known for adding a bit of a lift to your hair roots, curling your hair too small and neat curves without the need for clips. You can use them on smooth sections of your hair as well as dry ones and rest assured that within a couple of minutes you’ll be locked in gorgeous style.

Heated Foam Rollers​

Foam rollers are your best friends when you want to utilise every waking moment curling your hair. You simply need to fix the roller in place on slightly damp hair. By position them against or under the ends of your hair roots, and leaving them on for some time, you can unravel the magic that is soft curls. What’s more, the curls formed by foam rollers can always be brushed out to create fuller and voluminous hair of less defined texture.

Steam Rollers​

Steam rollers are definitely a people’s favourite. They are known for providing a gentle generally safe kind of styling, allowing you to get a variety of curl patterns and waves. On top of that, you have the option of starting them near your hair ends, rolling downwards towards the scalp before wrapping the cylinder. Whichever technique you use, you only need to wait for your rollers to cool before removing them unravel some soft and bouncy curls. Unlike the other two rollers discussed above, steam rollers cost a tad more. The one thing that sets them ahead of the pack is their effectiveness particularly in achieving tight curls within a few minutes.

Professional heated rollers​

If you are the kind of people who lose patience waiting for 5 seconds to skip a Youtube ad, then professional-grade heated rollers would be your best bet. They produce instant heat, setting in instant style. Here you will find two main categories namely: ribbed and flocked. The ribbed heated rollers model is preferred because it is easier to remove them once the whole process is done. Flocked rollers, on the other hand, come with a velvety coating that grabs your hair strands holding them in place for the recommended time. These are recommended for creating larger curls.​

Depending on your budget, sense of style and type of hair, there are quite a few options to choose from as far as hair rollers are concerned. Stick to the option that helps you save time and creates natural looking curls and you won’t be disappointed.