Tips & Tricks on How to Use Heated Rollers to Give Volume

  • 11th April 2017
Tips & Tricks on How to Use Heated Rollers to Give Volume

With heated rollers taking over the style aisles, it is time to add them to your collection of hair styling tools. The rollers are the easy solution whenever you want to give your hair amazing volume. All you need to get started is hot rollers, a paddle brush and some hairspray to achieve crazy hair volume that will actually last. The technique is quite easy. So here are some tips on how to use heated rollers to give volume.

Use the Biggest Rollers

When the volume is your goal, make sure you have only the largest heated rollers in your set. This way you won’t end up with curls when what you actually want is volume. Larger rollers tend to give less curl thereby creating more volume compared to small rollers which give lots of curls.

Work on Dry Hair​

For best results, it is advisable, to begin with dry hair. The hair should, however, be de-tangled and very smooth. Before using the rollers, you can add some styling products to help add grip to your hair strands and keep the ends from being damaged.

Allow the Rollers to Cool Down​

Before removing the heated rollers, wait for at least 20 minutes to allow the rollers to cool down to the touch. This allows the style to set thereby preventing the curls from relaxing. In case you remove them before they have completely cooled, chances of getting optimal volume will be minimal. While allowing them to cool down, you can get busy picking out what you’ll be wearing or even applying your makeup.

Remove the Heated Rollers Properly​

Make sure you remove the rollers gently and slowly because hair can easily tangle in the roller. Start at the bottom of your head moving up until you have removed all hot rollers while letting the hair loosely fall from it. Don’t brush through the curls rather use your fingers to comb through to avoid eliminating some of the volumes.

Use Firm Hold Hairspray​

For added hold, spray your hair before doing the heated rollers and after removing them. This will ensure your curls are intact once you decide to take down the heated rollers to give your hair crazy volume. Just ensure you use the right hairspray for best results.

Section the Hair Right

You need to section off the hair right first before you start rolling it up. Have the hair in three sections so you can have an easy time working on it. But if you have long or thick hair, you can always divide it into more sections. The sections should be around two to three inches and never wider than your rollers. To start rolling, begin working your hair from front to back then sides starting from top to bottom.​

Achieving hair volume has never been easy with heated rollers. For optimal volume with little effort, simply take into consideration these tips every time you use heated rollers.