Tips on How to Put Heated Rollers in Your Own Hairs

  • 17th April 2017
Tips on How to Put Heated Rollers in Your Own Hairs

Have you ever looked at a woman with glam waves or soft curls and thought to yourself “That’s who I want to be one day”? Well, it’s high time you considered making heated rollers your new buddies. Just a few years ago, we considered hot rollers as a kind of throwback styling tool in comparison to the ever-wonderful ceramic irons. But forget about that, these once reputed styling tools are making their way back into the spotlight creating a new lifeline for modern hairstyles. If this is your first time using them, though, you will probably wonder how they work. Well, worry no more; we have compiled a quick guide to help you brush up on how to put heated rollers in your own hair – the DIY way.

Make Sure You Use the Right Size​

There are different sizes of heated rollers available out there, from narrow ones to chunkier ones. Typically, anything measuring less than 3/4 in diameter is considered small size while anything in excess of 1-inch diameter is commonly categorised as medium-to-large. As you might know, every size is capable of producing varying results. Each heated roller is designed to create a distinctive look. You want to go for small rollers when looking for tighter curls, but if you are after defined waves then larger ones would be your best match.

How to Tackle Your Hairs​

The foremost thing you need to do before you even start wearing your heated rollers is to section your hair. Basically, you want to divide your hair into smaller sections that can fit within your rollers. You do this by combing it up and doing your way down from the top to the bottom sides of your scalp. After that, you take up your heated up rollers (being carefully not to burn your fingers) and roll them up into each one of these sections one at a time. The best way to curl your hair is by rolling it from the tips towards the hair roots. Sounds complicated, let’s break that down further for you (use a mirror).​

  • Position your roller at the end portion of the section of the hair you want to roll.
  • Roll it gently towards the scalp. As you do that, make sure you accommodate all the hair in that particular sector (you don’t want to leave strands out of the roller).
  • Clip the roller in its place. An important point to note is that the hair on your sides should sit horizontally.

If you have layered locks, it would be a good idea to spray it with a hairspray so the curls can hold on together for longer.

Once your heated rollers have cooled down (in about 20 minutes), remove them gently and gently work your way through the hair using your fingers. This will help you break up those perfect set curls and create a naturally bouncy hairdo.​