How to Use Heated Rollers on Curly Hair

  • 2nd April 2017
How to Use Heated Rollers on Curly Hair

If your hair is curled, you probably are concerned that it’s always under-moisturized. Exposing it to additional heat from heat rollers may sound like a big no-no to you. But as it turns out, you can still make good use of curling tools to give it a bouncy and luscious touch. Sounds like something you would like to learn more about? We talk more about how to use heated rollers on curly hair.

The Anatomy of Curly Hair​

The shape of curly hair strands means that a large surface of your hair is naturally exposed due to an increased surface area to volume ratio. This exposure means your hair could lose moisture even when you work so hard to protect it. One interesting thing with this hair, however, is that it tends to keep the scalp oily. But while this extra supply of oil would be good enough to keep the hair moisturised, it usually isn’t wicked throughout the length of hair because of the many bumps and ridges. So at the end of it all, your poor hair is left at the mercy of the sun or the wind and it gets damaged easily. The unused oil on the scalp collects dust, literary getting grossed out.

The Challenge of Heated Rollers on Curly Hair​

Heated rollers usage in routine can be a real enemy of your hair because of its heat. However, if you use one that suits you, your hair can actually benefit as in that case heat won’t result in harmful effects either.

Given all those facts about curly hair, what can I do to improve it using heated rollers? You might want to ask. What you need to know is that your hair is delicate, and you need to accord special attention to it when applying rollers. If rollers are done right, then you can rest assured your hair will absorb more moisture and maintain an extra-attractive look. Here’s the best way to use hot rollers if you have curly hair.

Make sure it’s sprayed​

Before you roll it, you want to first mist it with an anti-humidity spray. This ensures there is enough moisture and that the additional heat from the rollers won’t damage it.

Create smaller sections​

If you want to create wavier texture, it is advisable to separate the hair to create small sections, twisting each one of them around your finger prior to rolling it.

Use special kinds of rollers​

There are different kinds of heated rollers out there in the world. Some are covered in plastic and others metal. But it is ones covered with felt that give you that much-needed smooth texture and shine.

Finish it off​

Another step you can take to ensure your hair benefits from the use of heated rollers is to mist it. You can do this by simply spraying a light, flexible hold hairspray. This should be done immediately after taking out the rollers.​