How to Put Heated Rollers in Short Hair

  • 3rd April 2017
How to Put Heated Rollers in Short Hair

From lobs to bobs and choppy textures, short hair is known for its incredible ability to attention grabbing facial structures. However, in order to achieve that, you may need to boost your hair volume which means you have to use heated rollers. Given the short length of hair strands, curling them may sound like a far-fetched dream. If you are a short-haired maven in search of more volume and curls you need to repurpose your array of styling tools to help you achieve total hair texture transformation. Sounds too confusing? Let’s break it down for you on how to put heated rollers in short hair.

Select the Right Size of Rollers​

Your heated roller package comes with three different sizes of heated rollers namely: The 1 1/4 inch jumbo-sized rollers, 1 inch medium-sized rollers and 3/4 inch small-sized rollers. Since your hair is on the shorter side, it is recommended to stick to either the 3/4 inch or 1 inch varieties. That is to ensure that most of your hair is rolled up. You can use the 1 inch heated rollers for the hair in front because it is usually longer than the hair on the bottom of your scalp.

Divide Your Hair Into Small Sections​

As you leave your heated rollers to heat up, start dividing your hair into small sections. Ideally, you should use a comb and navigate from the top towards the bottom. All you want to make sure is that none of the sections created is larger or wider than the size of your hot rollers. When sections are either too larger or too small, the hair may not stay in place.

Add Some Hairspray​

This is an optional step. But if you’ve been having difficulties creating tight curls then applying some hairspray at this point can help give it a longer hold. Most people skip this step and prefer to keep it natural because that way the hair becomes softer and more luscious.

How to Roll Your Short Hair​

Take your roller and starting with the end of your hair, roll it downwards tightly. Secure the roller with a clip or a bobby pin or a clock clip, depending on what you like. This also helps ensure that all your hair stays perfectly in place. Let rollers stay in place until they are cold.

Winding Up​

Comb it up and then fit your remaining rollers (one by one). The further, you pull your hair to the front, the more volume you will get. As you fit the pins, make sure you don’t burn yourself as heated rollers can get quite hot. Don’t roll the hair that’s too short to fit within the curler – this is typically the hair towards the bottom sections of your head. Finally, leave rollers till they cool, you can touch them gently just to be sure. Take out the pins and carefully roll the hair out to reveal the curls. You can then style your hair whichever way you like.​