How to Do Heated Rollers to Achieve Luscious Waves?

  • 22nd April 2017
How to Do Heated Rollers to Achieve Luscious Waves?

Heated rollers are a classic choice for those natural looking curls we all love. No wonder this styling technique has been around for very long. The technique works well for day or evening styles and is very easy. Unfortunately, not every lady knows exactly how to do heated rollers right. For this reason, we take a look at how to work a bountiful curly mane using heated rollers.

Heat up the Rollers​

Plug in your heated rollers to allow them to heat up. Depending on the type of heated rollers you are using, the rollers should warm up at least in less than two minutes. In case it’s your first time to use the rollers, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you use the tools right.

Prepare Your Hair​

Your hair should be freshly washed and dried. For best results, use a hairspray on your hair to help define your curls. Spraying the hair also prevents any damage on your tresses which may be caused by the rollers. Divide your hairs into at least three sections depending on how long and thick it is. Finally, clip the sections using a sectioning clip leaving only the section you will begin working on right away.

Start Rolling​

To start with, roll the middle section. To do this, take a section of hair in the front and wrap it around a heated roller. Using a clip, secure the roller in place. Repeat the process until all the hair in the middle section is wrapped with heated rollers. When done with the middle section, work on the side sections using the same method. To achieve different looks, roll your hair in different directions using rollers of different sizes. For small and tight curls, use small-sized rollers and medium-sized rollers for larger and classic curls.

Allow the Rollers to Cool​

When done rolling all your hair, spray the hair and allow the curls to set. Spraying ensures you have well-defined curls once you take the rollers down. Keep the heated rollers in until they have completely cooled down. You should leave them to cool down for the recommended time in the instructions manual. Generally, the time is usually 20 to 30 minutes.

Take Down the Heated Rollers​

Remove the heated rollers one by one and allow the curls to fall loose. With your fingers, gently separate the curls and fluff up the curls. Using fingers ensures you don’t break-up your hair’s shape. You can also use a smoothing flat hairbrush to create soft, glamorous waves. Just play around with your hair’s curls until you get the look you want while making sure you don’t destroy them. Finally, spray your hair again to help retain the shape of the curls.​

Whether you want to create luscious curls, ringlets or bouncy waves using heated rollers, you should not be intimidated by them. Own your set of heated rollers today and you will be good to do them.