Everything You Need to Know on How to Use Heated Rollers on Fine Hair

  • 6th April 2017
Everything You Need to Know on How to Use Heated Rollers on Fine Hair

Having fine hair is similar to owning a fancy silk shirt. It’s gorgeous, shiny and soft, but you have to follow very specific instructions to care for it. As much you have a busy life, you just can’t throw that silk shirt in the drier. That’s pretty much the same thing with fine hair and heated rollers. Due to the fineness of the hair strands, this type of hair gets easily weighed down and curls don’t pop if there’s too much stuff on it. The hair just lays fuzzy and stiff. It is pretty difficult to get any volume on such hair. How to use heated rollers on fine hair is, therefore, a common question which we think deserves a good answer.

Just How Different Is Fine Hair?​

How fine or coarse one’s hair depends on the diameter of the shaft. The narrow shaft comprises fine hair while larger diameter shafts are considered coarse. The problem with narrow shafts is that they get damaged quite easily. You expose them to conditioners or harsh shampoos and they frizz out instead of blossoming. Likewise, you expose your fine hair to super-hot styling tools like heated rollers and you risk suffering unforgettable hair damage.

Volume is the biggest headache for folks with fine hair. Heavyweight beauty products (such as moisturising cream or serum) tend to weigh your hair down especially when applied at the root level. Sticking to light products such as mousse or spray is recommended. It sounds pretty obvious, but you will want all of your styling and washing products to contribute to your volumizing strategy.

Teasing Fine Hair Is a No-No​

Teasing your fine hair, while it may sound like a wise strategy to build volume, can actually cause damage. For this reason, it is recommended to use heated rollers over curling irons mainly because they don’t heat up as much. Hot rollers also allow you to catch up on other activities while still on set.

Tips on Using Heated Rollers on Fine Hair​

If your hair is particularly long or thick you may struggle to get your DIY curls to stay in. What you need to know is that longer/thicker hair tends to be heavy meaning it easily gets weighed down. But you have two options to fix this.​

  • Ask you, stylist, to cut layers (lots of them) especially around your face. This will help reduce weight giving your hair that much-needed bounce.
  • Chop your hair a couple inches shorter all round. The fact remains that long hair does not curl easily especially if the strands are too fine.

That being said, if you cannot bear the face scissors, wet your hair and twist it to form a bun and sleep on it. Wake up the next morning and section it accordingly before rolling it with heated rollers. To ensure your curls hold on a little longer, you can always apply a hairspray before and after using the rollers.

Much as fine hair has its fair share of challenges doesn’t mean that it cannot be curled to create a nice, eye-catching texture. You only need to use your heated rollers wisely, avoid overheating and most importantly preventing weighing down for some bouncy results.