Best Heated Rollers for Thick Hair

Best Heated Rollers for Thick Hair

Thick hair, many women want it and some hate it. It could be said that the ones who own it have a kind of love-hate relationship. Usually, people are simply hypnotised when looking at thick hair, but they only see it when it is all nice, clean and most of all well stylised. What most of them don't know is the everyday battle you go through to make it that way. The problem with thick hair is the strength is has, maybe you are wondering. Why is that a problem? So let us tell you. As fun and rewarding it could be to have your hair for a long time, making it look as you want to can cause a lot of struggle. People with the thick type of hair usually say that their hair has the will of its own and won't be tamed down by us, simple humans. But, all the joke aside, thick hair is usually the longest at it requires extremely special treatment.

When talking about heated rollers and curly thick hair women tend to roll their eyes because all of them know how hard this gets. But, don't be discouraged with this because for every problem there is a solution. In the next few paragraphs, we will talk about the best heated rollers for thick hair in general and what to look for when buying one of those.

What to Look for in a Good Heated Rollers for Thick Hair?​

Thick hair is a strong hair and you should treat it that way. Usually, regular accessories won't do the job right and you need something stronger. Therefore, when buying a heated roller for your thick hair you should look only for the best, the sturdiest and the longest ones.​

  • Material – Titanium is a way to go with this type of hair. There are several materials that are used for manufacturing great heated rollers, but when it comes to strength nothing can compare to titanium.
  • Size – Usual, or regular heated rollers, call them as you like are too short for this type of hair. Since curly hair is consistent and done properly only if you roll your hair from the top to the bottom you will need a larger roller to do just that. There is nothing more annoying than to a short heated roller that can't handle the amount of your hair on it. We will say that this feature is the crucial one because you will not only save your money on changing several heated rollers, but it will also save you a lot of precious time.
  • High-temperature settings – Unlike thin and medium hair, thick hair needs a lot of heat to make something out of it. With that in mind, you don't want your heated roller to go haywire on you while you wait for it to heat high enough for you to use it. Most heated rollers have temperature regulators, but what you need to know before buying it is the maximum temperature it can produce and still be in normal functioning state.