Best Heated Rollers for Long Hair

Best Heated Rollers for Long Hair

Having a long hair can be a bless or a curse, it all depends on how you look at it. But we simply love it and can't imagine our lives without it. As years passed by we learned so many tricks on how to make your long hair look different and more vibrant. The best way to achieve that is by picking only the best products you get get your hands on. That also means that you need to take a closer look when picking the best heated roller for long hair. To those who might think long hair is long hair and there is nothing special about it couldn't be more wrong. Yes, we admit, having a long hair is almost a full-time job, with long lasting washing and drying, but if you love your hair this is a small price to pay. Additionally, long hair will give you so many options and styles to try out that you won't even think about cutting it.

But, the best thing about long hair are the long and lasting locks that will leave anyone in the room speechless. And to get those stunning locks you need a good heated roller, but keep in mind that it has to be for long hair. The difference between standard, regular rollers and heated rollers for long hair is that they are much bigger. Keep in mind that making curls is a pretty simple task; all you need to do is roll your hair from bottom to the very top. Sounds simple, doesn't it. But! The trick with long hair is that standard heated rollers don't have enough space where you can swirl your hair which is quite problematic. So, to avoid any additional mistake about picking the right heated roller we decided to make a smaller list of most essential features you need to keep your eye for when buying one.

What to Look in a Good Heated Rollers for Long Hair?​

As we said earlier, not every heated roller is a good roller, especially if you own a long beautiful hair. Therefore, you need to learn what and how your roller needs to look and have in order to give you the most beautiful locks. These few features are a must when you search for the right heated roller.​

  • Size – Well, this is a shocker! Right? All jokes aside, this is really important. We talked about it earlier so we won't go into many details but keep your eye on the longest there is because if you plan on letting your hair grow even longer you will always have a good roller waiting to be used.
  • Material – Usually, we like to go with titanium, but that can be a bit tricky because it is for a more practised hand or if you are professional. The second best material that we highly recommend is ceramic. It will make your hair look great and it won't damage it. Ceramic material is great because it heats pretty fast but won't burn your fingers if treated with care.
  • Longlasting – Unlike other heated rollers you need from your roller to heat up fast and to last more than 10 minutes. It takes some time to nicely curl your long hair and if your roller can't take that then you have the wrong one.