Best Heated Rollers Reviews

Best Heated Rollers Reviews

We all want to look our best, and that often means wanting what we don’t have! If we have curly hair, we want it straight, and if we have long, smooth hair – you guessed it! We want it curly and full of volume.

Since ancient times people have used different devices to curl their hair – wooden sticks in Ancient Egypt, gold rods in Ancient Greece, pieces of cloth in Ancient Rome, and hot tongs in Victorian times. Our grandmothers and mothers spent sleepless nights with curlers on their heads, their necks craned uncomfortably.

But now everything has changed! You don’t have to wear various devices on your head for long hours. The latest roller sets are warmed up before use, and therefore they are a comfortable and simple way to create elegant curls. Hot rollers will help you to create your favourite hair styles quickly and easily.

It takes just minutes to create wonderful locks and/or give your hair extra volume using these appliances. In this article, we review the best heated rollers available on the market in order to help you to choose the best for you.

The Best Heated Rollers​

Types of Heated Rollers

Considering that there is a plenty of great hot curlers on the market, it can be hard to choose the best for your needs. They are divided into several categories based on how the heat is generated, the type of roller finish, the size of rollers and what heat settings you need.

There are three main heating technologies: steam or sponge, ceramic infused and wax core.​

Sponge Heated Rollers

Anself Magic

Sponge rollers are activated with steam, and they are good for all hair types and warm up fast. However, you do need to wait for sponge curlers to dry before taking them out. If you do this, the result is shiny, strong and beautiful curls that will last for days! They can even steam condition your hair!

Anself Magic

Simple, fast and easy to use – Anself Magic are perfect for when you are in need of good foam hair rollers. Unlike other rollers that need time to prepare and heat up, foam is the faster method because they don't need to be heated in a special box. Many people still love good ‘old fashioned’ rollers that curl hair without any additional heat. These types of rollers are great for fine and thin hair textures so that the high temperatures don’t cause damage.

The Features of Anself Magic

Foam rollers are the best option for fine and thin hair. We did our research to find you the best ones on the market.​

  • Material – The foam must be free of any unnecessary materials that can damage your precious hair. Some foam rollers might have traces of hard plastic – this might seem to make it easier to curl your hair, but if you place too much pressure on them they might break.
  • Package – Anself Magic comes with 12 pieces, and this will be more than enough for any hair length. You will be able to roll your hair from the root to the tip in a matter of seconds.
  • Lightweight – Since they don't come with a heated box, they are great to toss them into a bag. This is a great solution for people who like to travel or who don't have time to sit at home and wait for the heater to reach the proper temperature.

The Advantages of Anself Magic

  • Maintenance – When it comes time for a cleaning, you can simply wash foam rollers and they are ready to go for another spin. There is no science behind their maintenance and we simply love how easy it is!
  • Strong clips – Some foam rollers fall off after a while, and this results in loose curls that won't last too long. Unlike those other products, Anself Magic comes with extremely strong clips that won't fall off until you remove them yourself.
  • Price – If you have a low budget (or you simply don't want to invest too much money on something you will use maybe once or twice yearly) these rollers are really great. They are available for a great price, and we think anyone should own them. Even if their sole purpose will be for you to learn how to use rollers and they are a practice tool, this is a great buy.

The Bottom Line

Anself Magic is a great product to have by your side, even if you only want curly hair once or twice a year. The only con that some customers stated is that they had a small learning curve, but that is solved with practice. All other customers stated that they simply love them because they are long lasting and affordable.

Ceramic Heated Rollers

BaByliss 3045U

Ceramic rollers can provide anti-static and anti-frizz results. A ceramic core emits natural ions and far-infrared heat, creating voluminous, soft curls that last. This technology seals the cuticle of the hairs, and this locks in the newly created curls. Ceramic rollers are ideal for damaged hair or for naturally wavy or curly hair that is prone to frizz and humidity.

BaByliss 3045U

If you like to experiment with your length of to follow trends and Youtube tutorials, then you shouldn’t choose a heated roller for only one length. Luckily, BaByliss 3045U is perfect for those who want frequent changes. Coming from a well-known manufacturer (Conair Group Ltd.) these rollers will make your locks look smooth and full of volume – and keep it that way, regardless of length.

Whether you currently have long short or medium length hair, BaByliss 3045U will do the job. The best thing? If you decide to cut your hair, you will still be able to use them.​

The Features of BaByliss 3045U

BaByliss 3045U hot rollers come in an attractive heater that you can carry anywhere you go.

  • Material – These rollers are made from high-quality ceramic that will last for a long time. This is a lot more durable than the smaller rollers that are made from plastic and that might fall apart after few years.
  • Cord length – Since they are small by nature, these types of heated rollers usually come in a compact package with a short cord. Fortunately, BaByliss 3045U is a bit different. The cord is 1.85 meters long, and this means that you won't be bound by the positioning of the outlets in your bathroom.
  • Heat indicator – Since these rollers are made for any hair type it is important to know when the temperature is just right. Different types of hair need different temperatures, and if not regulated properly the curlers could damage your hair.

The Advantages of BaByliss 3045U

  • Different shapes and sizes – BaByliss 3045U comes with 20 thermo-ceramic rollers: 8 large rollers, 6 medium and 6 small.
  • Warranty – Conair Group Ltd is a well-known manufacturer, and when it comes to heated rollers they have a great reputation. Not only do they produce high-quality products, they also offer a 3-year warranty.
  • Heat up fast – If you are in a hurry and need your hair to look marvellous, BaByliss 3045U will be ready for you in no time. They heat up really fast and are ready for use in a blink of an eye. This is a great solution if you have an unplanned meeting to attend!

The Bottom Line

All in all, BaByliss 3045U is a must-have product when it comes to fast and easy curls. They are versatile – even if you decide to shorten your hair or you want to grow it out, can still use them. We are really happy with these rollers, but some owners stated that it will take some time to learn how to properly handle them. That said, after a few uses you will be able to work with them like a professional.​

Wax Heated Rollers

Remington H5670

Wax rollers have wax inside the roller itself, keeping the heat longer than other types and making the curl stronger. It is great for curl-resistant hair types, and you shouldn’t take them out before they are completely cool. During this time the heat penetrates through the many layers of hair rolled around each roller, giving you amazing results.

Remington H5670

We have all heard of Remington – they have a great brand reputation. If you are looking for great wax heated rollers, these ones will blow your mind. After you get used to them your every curl will be perfect, shiny and smooth. If you have long or medium hair, these rollers are the way to go.

The Features of Remington H5670

Compact and easy to use are the best words to describe these rollers. Their concept and design won't take too much space in your bathroom, on your dressing table or in your bedroom.​

  • Material – H5670 curlers are made from high-quality ceramic with added ionic conditioning to keep your hair healthy and shiny every time you use them. Ceramic is a great material that handles heat really well, and it will provide you with smoother curls than plastic will.
  • Box – The compact heating box contains 12 different rollers of various sizes. They are quite big and easy to use, which makes them great for longer hair. Additionally, you will be able to roll your hair in them much faster, resulting in great curls in a matter of minutes. The box also contains 12 clips and 12 pins that will hold rollers on your head with ease.
  • Cord length – Sometimes it can be really stressful to create the best looking curls when you can't look in the mirror to properly adjust the rollers on your head. Fortunately, H5670 has a long cord (1.80 meters), making it great for any room in your house or apartment. You will have the freedom of movement while setting the best curls you can possibly have.

The Advantages of Remington H5670

  • Heat-up time – H5670 is really fast when it comes to heating up for the first time. 10 minutes is more than enough for you to do your makeup, and by the time you are done the rollers will be ready to use.
  • Wax core – Their wax core will help your curls last longer than usual, and they provide you with long lasting heat when curling really long hair.
  • Price – Usually, ceramic heated rollers can be a bit pricey and that usually turns down a lot of customers. Luckily, H5670 comes with a great price and the service it provides is more than you pay for.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this product is great if you want to style your long hair in a new style. These rollers will provide you with so much volume and style that you will be stunned every time you use them. The majority of customers are really happy with these rollers, and although some stated that it would be great to have a one or two extra rollers, the responses are overwhelmingly positive.

Ribbed Heated Rollers

TRESemme 3039U

Many people prefer ribbed rollers as it is easier to remove them - they just slip out of your hair when they have cooled.

TRESemme 3039U

If you are looking for high-quality ribbed rollers, then TRESemme 3039U is the great choice for you. Small and practical, these rollers will help you set perfect curls wherever you go. Great for travelling, they can fit in any luggage. Mainly created for longer hair, this set will help you achieve the high volume look you are after in a matter of minutes.

The Features of TRESemme 3039U​

The specially designed ribbed rollers will give your hair a smooth and healthy look.​

  • Lightweight – Unlike some other rollers that might be good for travelling purposes, these rollers are not the most lightweight. Luckily, TRESemme 3039U has extra soft storage that will both heat up your rollers to the perfect temperature and still give you the feeling that you have a smaller handbag.
  • Cord length – With these rollers, you won't have problems when it comes to cord length. With a 1.8 meter long cord, you will be able to set curls anywhere you want.
  • Unit – The roller box is simple and easy to use. Inside you will find 10 large size rollers for your long hair, and 10 metal pins that will hold the rollers in place.
The Advantages of TRESemme 3039U

  • High temperature – One of the great things about this product is that it can reach extremely high temperatures. At first, you might think that this is not that good since hair could get damaged, but since we are talking specifically about long hair, high temperatures are essential in order to help you create long lasting curls. The maximum temperature that this roller can provide is 125 C.
  • Heat up – Since TRESemme 3039U are perfect for travelling, you need them to be ready in a moment because you don't have the privilege to stand in front of a mirror for hours. Fast heating will give you more than enough time for the activities you planned before heading out.
  • Warranty – A warranty is not very common with rollers, which lead us to think that any other heated rollers on the market are not as good! When we see that TRESemme 3039U has a 3-year warranty, we trust it even more.

The Bottom Line

All in all, TRESemme 3039U is an outstanding product and the best ribbed rollers on the market that are also good for travelling. Even though some customers noted that they didn’t like that the product doesn't have any On/Off indicator, the majority was more than pleased would recommend it to anyone.​

Flocked Heated Rollers

Diva Professional Styling Stay

Flocked hot rollers have a velvety coating that helps to grip hair and keep the roller in its place. This is especially convenient when you want to set larger curls.

Diva Professional Styling Stay

The vintage look has never been more popular. If you are a big fan of these looks, then you know that vintage curls will complete your look. Diva Professional Styling Stay are not just any heated rollers - they excel in making your curls look perfectly ‘40s. Good for a vintage look, these rollers will give any type of hair perfect curls every time.

The Features of Diva Professional Styling Stay​

Diva Professional Styling Stay are colourful and easy to use. The first thing we noticed about them is that they are nice pink, purple and orange rolls – a real pop of colour.

  • Box – This set provides 20 various rollers perfect for any type of hair. In the heated box, you will find 8 large ones (perfect for long hair), 6 medium and 6 small that will give you many options, regardless of your hair length

  • Unit – The simple shape of the unit is quite nice. You have the option to place it vertically or horizontally with the help of a little lever that is behind the unit. The lid is made of durable plastic that will keep the heat inside as long as it is closed properly. Additionally, the on and off switch is nicely placed, making it safe to touch even if the rollers are really hot.

  • Practical – Due to its smaller dimensions this product is great for travelling purposes. Whether you plan to go on a long vacation or you will only be on the road for a few days, you’ll look great wherever you go.
The Advantages of Diva Professional Styling Stay

  • Thermal Honeycomb Structure – Heat loss over time is a problem when using rollers. Due to a new thermal honeycomb structure, heat won't escape even after a longer period of time.
  • Coating – One of Diva Professional Styling Stay’s special traits is its smooth-grip coating. This coating will ensure that your hair stays in place in the process of making perfect curls.
  • Heat up – Fast and easy. Simple as that! Diva Professional Styling Stay will be ready for you to use by the time you finish your makeup. Heating to the highest temperature will take approximately 15 minutes.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you have a passion for vintage curls these rollers are the way to go. Even though some customers were not so happy with the heating time, the results were worth the wait. The service-price ratio is great and we would definitely recommend these for your next purchase.​

Different Size Heated Rollers

BaByliss Pro 20

A great universal option is heated rollers of different sizes - sometimes you can create small curls and sometimes you can just get a boost. Some women say that uniform rollers look a little artificial and prefer to use many different size rollers at once in order to look more natural.

BaByliss Pro 20

The ability to use your rollers on any length hair will result in huge savings if you ever decide to cut your hair shorter or grow it longer. A great roller set should also be practical – we don’t want all of the space in our bathroom or bedroom overwhelmed by it! The BaByliss Pro 20 satisfies both of these needs. Great for any type of hair and length, it will give you the most beautiful curls you have ever seen.

The Features of BaByliss Pro 20​

Like we stated earlier, versatility and compact size are musts when looking for roller sets. Additionally, we want the unit to look good and to be easy to use. BaByliss Pro 20 satisfies those needs.

  • Unit – The unit holding the heating box can hold up to 20 rollers. 8 of those rollers are jumbo and they are made for long hair, 6 rollers are medium and 6 are for shorter hair lengths. They are nicely split with colours so you will always know which one to use next. Additionally, the unit has a little handle that will make transportation much easier.
  • Material – Ceramic makes these rollers quite sturdy and durable. As we all know, ceramic holds heat much longer than plastic - this will allow you to take your time styling your hair.
  • Additional equipment – With the 20 roller pieces you also get 20 metal pins that hold rollers with ease, and 10 super strong clips.

The Advantages of BaByliss Pro 20

  • Heat settings – You need to know which temperature is good for your locks and which can damage your hair. Fortunately, this unit has two heat settings, allowing you to take full control.
  • Heat up – BaByliss Pro 20 heats up in only 5 minutes – we were thrilled! We thought that ten minutes was fast, but this was amazing.
  • Cord length – This set comes with a really long cord - at 2.70 meters, you can move around the room with ease.

The Bottom Line

BaByliss Pro 20 is the solid choice for anyone who likes to experiment with their hair length and who doesn't want to buy a special roller for each style. Most customers loved these rollers and could not be happier. Some of them noted that they had a problem with opening the lid on the product because it must be opened from three different sides, but they adapted quickly to this safety feature. ​

Same Size Heated Rollers

Nicky Clarke NHS005

If you want equal curls all over all over your head, buy a set of the same sized heated hair rollers. Large rollers are used to achieve extra volume and body. Medium-sized rollers are good when creating classic curls and romantically loose hair styles. Small rollers help to make tight little ringlets.

Nicky Clarke NHS005

It is usually hard to make curls last longer than few hours. Common heated rollers are not always up to the task which, and this makes the task quite stressful, especially if you stood in front of a mirror for a few hours to achieve them. Luckily, Nicky Clarke NHS005 rollers excel when it comes to creating long lasting curls without any frizz.

The Features of Nicky Clarke NHS005​

One of the most noticeable features of these rollers is the simple design that lets you store them easily - they won't take up too much of your living space. They will fit nicely in any bathroom or bedroom, and will always be nearby when you need them.​

  • Compact kit – Lightweight and easy to transport, Nicky Clarke NHS005 will be the great choice for anyone who travels a lot. Additionally, if you don't plan to use it every day it won't get in your way with your daily routines.
  • A number of rollers – This set comes with 12 thermoplastic rollers and 12 clips to hold them all together. The thermoplastic material helps them keep the heat for longer periods of time making your curls look even better.
  • Heat indicator – These rollers alert you when they are ready to use – you will always know when they are ready. Most other travel-friendly roller sets do not offer this feature. Advantages of Nicky Clarke NHS005
The Advantages of Nicky Clarke NHS005

  • Heat up – Nicky Clarke NHS005 gives you 6 rollers ready in a matter of minutes. For fully loaded rollers you will have to wait only 10 minutes! This is more than enough to put on your makeup.
  • Ionic technology – Sometimes you need that extra that extra effort to make your curls just the way you want them to be. If you don't have the proper tools and right method it will take too much of your time, and the result won't be very good at all. Fortunately, the ionic technology found in Nicky Clarke NHS005 will help you achieve perfect curls. Having smooth, long-lasting curls with minimal frizz won't be an issue anymore.
  • Voltage compatibility – Since this roller kit was designed to be used anywhere, if you are travelling worldwide it won't be a problem. Voltage compatibility will provide you with the option to use any outlet around the world.
The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this roller should be on the top of your list for travelling purposes. The majority of customers are more than happy with this product, and we are 100% sure that you will be, too. Some stated that capacity of heating only 6 rollers at the same time might be a problem if you have a lot of hair to curl, but all in all, this won't be an issue if you take your time and do everything with care.​

What to Look for in a Good Heated Rollers Set

From the wide variety of heated rollers on the market, you should look for the right ones for your hair type. Hot rollers are good for almost all hair types, except for very fine or thin hair that is prone to breakage. All of them are rather simple to use, although a little practice will help you to achieve the desired result and get perfectly styled hair at home.

Best heated rollers are sold as a set, with an electric base in which the actual rollers are stored. In order to use hot rollers, you plug in an electric tray for a short time.

Meanwhile, you prepare your strands – brush it and part into sections. Note that all hair should be completely dry. When the rollers are warmed, you place one under the hair and start rolling at your forehead and then secure the roller with a clip. You can spray each section with a light hairspray to hold. After the rollers are cooled, carefully remove them. If you want looser waves, brush the hair (or just run your fingers through it for tighter curls). Here are main features you should consider before buying one.

  • Roller Size: Tight curls are created by small rollers, while wavy curls require larger rollers. You should have hair of at least shoulder-length to use large rollers. Some women like to use different sizes together to create more casual and natural looks, as similar-size curls can look a little artificial.
  • Number of Rollers: If you have short and fine hair, five or six rollers are likely enough. But if yours is long and thick, buy a set that has a minimum of ten or twelve rollers.
  • Roller Weight: This factor is often ignored, especially if you don’t intend to travel with the set. Heavy rollers are good at keeping heat and shape, but they can fall out easily of very smooth and straight hair. Light rollers are not so good at keeping their temperature and creating uniform curls, but they are gentler to hair.
  • Temperature: It should be obvious that hot rollers are hot! Using heat to style hair weakens it, so don’t forget to use heat protection spray. Blow dry all of the hair fully before rolling, and make sure the ends are tucked in to avoid a crease. If you have sensitive hair, choose rollers with heat settings and overheat protector.
  • Material: Pay attention to the material of your future rollers, and to how well it can retain heat. Each one has its own benefits. Rollers can be aluminium or ceramic, with or without a flock, Teflon or tourmaline coating. Aluminium rollers are cheaper, but ceramic ones are kinder to hair. Velvet coating helps to make more natural and shiny curls and protects against overheating.